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Detailed walk through video training providing step by step instructions on building populating and monetizing a host of viral web properties. Complete with software for automated niche eCommerce store building.

Viral Automated Posting software.


Total set and forget software to automatically search out, spin and post hot viral content to your web properties.

Membership to The Cash Hive.  The internet marketing resource membership site.


Documenting everything I test day by day.


Giving the very latest strategies that are working in my business.

Reseller Rights to the entire funnel.


When we included this in our last launch, it was a MASSIVE success, boosting EPC's and commission across the board.

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Headline :  Over 6 figures paid out in advertising this is what he did next....

If you’d paid out millions of dollars in affiliate commissions, you’d expect a level of service, right.

A  few special favors, maybe ?

What you wouldn’t expect is to be left out in the cold when a competitor offers to pay a few cents more.

That would be a kick in the teeth, right ?

Well that’s exactly what happened to Jon, after years and years of working with high level affiliates and media buyers and paying out millions in commissions.  The service was failing at every level.

But when his ads were held in favor of a new competitor it was the final straw.

That was over a year ago, but Jon has had the last laugh.

He spent the last year with his team testing and researching the best free traffic system they could develop so they would never be beholden to affiliates or media buyers again.

This is a totally free to run system that flat out works.

Free viral traffic to your offer, every single day.

For the next few days only it is only a special launch pricing, before being taking to a private JV network for high level clients and sold for 10X the cost.

Don’t be beholden to paid traffic.

Break free  <LINK>


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Headline :  Come get your golden unicorn

Traffic is like a dog.

Anyone can get a dog.

Just roll up to the shelter, pay over the money and boom you’ve got a dog.

Free Traffic, well that’s quite a different animal.

That’s your rare breed albino turtle type of deal, those you have to hunt for and go through some adventures and pain to uncover them hiding beneath the sand.

And free VIRAL traffic,  well that just your mythical Golden Unicorn.

Only the very few have even caught a glimpse.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Free viral traffic should be available to everyone, and it can be thanks to a new product launched this week.

Viral Nova Pro is putting a rope around that golden unicorn and offering everyone a ride.

So grab your tickets here.  <LINK>

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HEADLINE:   If Internet marketing was a game it would  be..........

Monopoly of course!

What else ?

You have to collect more subscribers each time you get around the board.

You’d have your Facebook Properties in the Dark Blue.

Your Twitter in the Light Blue

Pinterest in Red.

of course your website properties in the brown

But let me ask you this....

Ever heard of someone winning Monopoly with just one property ?

Nope, me either.

You see just like the game, in Internet marketing in order to succeed you need to be everywhere on each side of the “board” constantly putting your offer  in front of potential clients.

But that takes a lot of work and a big team to manage.

Until today

Viral Nova Pro will help you to monopolize (see what we did there) your niche on complete autopilot.

No big teams required.  

No big investment required

and definitely no paid ads required !

Just pure free viral traffic 

Find out how to dominate your niche <link>

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HEADLINE:   ......and then he said “No I hate free traffic”

Said no one in the world EVER !

Look no one is saying that free traffic will ever take the place to truly scalable paid ads.

That’s ludicrous.

But what is also true is that having a free traffic strategy that consistently sends targeted prospects into your offers, dramatically helps to lower your average cost of acquisition.

That leads to an overall higher ROI across the board.

The big trouble is free traffic and particularly free viral traffic takes time and if your running paid ads is it worth it.

What if I told you there was an automated system, that can consistently bring you prospects for free and that it runs on complete autopilot behind the scenes.

and what if I told you that it is currently in a launch sale and is at 10% of retail value.

Take advantage of the totally automated  viral traffic system and watch your ROI climb day after day.



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HEADLINE :   eCom offer struggling to find the traffic it deserves.......

If you are one of the new breed of eCom marketers you are most likely using Shopify and Amazon and drop shippers.

Riding that eCom wave

Most likely you are doing what everyone else does.

Plowing your money into Facebook ads and praying that you squeeze even the tiniest bit of positive ROI.

How that working out of you?

Lamborghini purring in the driveway yet.   How about that Mansion on the hill ?

Don’t be disillusioned, you’re not doing anything wrong per se.

You were sold an idea that is not 100% accurate.

Getting hugely positive ROI out of Shopify and Amazon with paid traffic, is not easy.

The fixed costs are just stacked against you.

The best way to correct that balance into your favor is with free traffic.

Check out the new fully automated free viral traffic system  <LINK>

Viral Nova Pro has been created by one of the foremost authorities in eCom in the world, after becoming totally disillusioned in paying out millions in paid traffic.

Click here now <LINK>  to learn how your eCom business can benefit from adding hot free viral traffic into your marketing, maybe one day even replacing your paid ads with it.

Just imagine now, what your ROI looks like if you remove the cost of the advertising.

That’s a pretty nice thought.

Get all the full information here. <LINK>

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HEADLINE:   viral traffic sold at a discount - only a few hours left.


That’s right

Only a handful of hours left until Viral Nova Pro jumps in price.

Look the equation is pretty simple

You need and want more free viral traffic, everyone understands thats a good thing.

I’ve never met anyone who said “You know what,  I’d like to pay a bit more for my traffic”

The trouble is it is complicated and time consuming, until now.

Viral Nova Pro is  designed to monopolize your niche on autopilot.

You know what else you never hear people say.

“Ah,  I wish I got in at the discounted price”

No, wait - you hear that all the time !

Don’t be one of those guys.

Act now to lock in the discount price.


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HEADLINE:   An affiliate marketer walks into the doctor’s and says, “Doctor, Doctor......


My list is small and un responsive.

The doctor replies “I’m a doctor, I can’t help you”

If you want help with small and unresponsive appendages then the doctor is the right port of call.

If you want to know how to get better results from your affiliate marketing campaigns then you are in exactly the right place reading this email.

Affiliate marketing is a tough gig, especially if you don’t have a list the size of Ron Jeremy’s asset. 

You have to work more creatively.

One of the best ways to do that, is to start building a raving fan base through free viral traffic.

I know I know

It’s sounds like a lot of work, there’s always a pay off right ?

It’s either pay and get it done hands off or free and work like a dog.

Not any more.

Viral Nova Pro, is a fully automated system to build you a massive following on autopilot.

and not just the usual bot-driven unresponsive crap,

We are talking about real followers who are truly engaged in your niche and in your message.

and I’m not just talking about Facebook.  this system will distribute your message across the whole of the web, giving you a true “omni-presence” in multiple platforms, giving you access to followers you would never have reached before.

This is the new way for the little guy to succeed in affiliate marketing

Check it out now while it is under launch sale.  <LINK>

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HEADLINE :  Facebook Fanpage Success and other total bullcrap.

Whoa Whoa Whoa.

Before Zuckerman gets out the lawyers and tries to shake us down.

I’m not saying that having a Facebook Fanpage is a waste of time.

I’m saying that ONLY having a Facebook Fanpage is a waste of time.

It’s like trying to pee in a hurricane

If you’re trying to build a following online (and why would you not be? )

Then you need more than that.

You need great content in a Niche blog

You need a Fanpage

You need a Twitter presence

You need an Instagram account.

 You need a Pinterest acocunt

 You Tube Channel

and lets be totally honest.  

All of that is a pain in ass.

That’s a lot of separate accounts to have to juggle and post and keep up to date.

And you’re right,  it is.

Or should I say, it was.

Viral Nova Pro takes away all those issues by showing you a totally new approach to building a fully automated viral network that will work for you on autopilot.

Find out all the details here <LINK>

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